Saturday, October 19, 2019

Quit Smoking on A Budget

Not sure who was asking how to quit smoking on a budget but here is 
a testimony of someone who quit with a simple solution. 💁💁 
Doesn't hurt to try and it's cheap:

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How I quit smoking by spending $5 of Food Stamps

I had been a smoker for may years and made several attempts to quit. 
First it was the patch, then the gum. Didn't work. Tried acupressure, nope. 
My insurance at the time paid for Chantix so I tried it, moderate success. I 
quit for a period but eventually started again.
When I got divorced, I lost the insurance plan I had and my new one wouldn't 
pay for Chantix, so what was I to do?
When you're poor and on limited income, being a smoker is horrible; do 
I want to eat or smoke, hmmm. And there's no way you can afford to buy 
the patch or gum to help ween yourself off of them! So I was in between a 
rock and a hard place.
Well, I saw a post on Facebook that sounded pretty simple, and very inexpensive. 
I thought, "No way this is real," but I was desperate and willing to try about anything 
at that point. And here is the kicker, what I was about to try, the remedy, I could buy 
using $5 in Food Stamps!
Why not! OK, here ya go, I did this and I quit in three days!
Go to your favorite grocery store and buy Cream of Tartar Seasoning and a gallon of 
Orange Juice. Mx 1 teaspoon in a glass and drink 2 times a day.  I recommend when 
you get up and another glass halfway through the day.  
I know this sounds too simple, but it really works! the Cream of Tartar flushes the 
nicotine out of your body and blocks it from receiving it again! After about two days, 
smoking tastes like crap and you are blocked from the nicotine rush and the desire is 

I hope everyone shares this, many people are struggling to quit and don't have 
the financial means to be successful.

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Did you know inside the human body there’s the endocannabinoid system, with receptors spread throughout the brain and body???

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